“Soon after the death of Rabbi Moshe of Kobryn, Rabbi Mendel of Kotzk asked one of his disciples: ‘What was most important to your teacher?’
The disciple thought and then replied: ‘Whatever he happened to be doing at the moment.'” –Tales of the Hasidim, by Martin Buber

At this moment: I am mom to two teenage boys who are kind and curious and fun. I am dedicated to interfaith efforts and social- and environmental justice work in my home state of Texas, where there’s…ahem…plenty of work to do. I believe in the power of art, music, poetry, community, and prayer to transform us.

Check out my first post on this site to get a feel for what I’m doing here.

Watch me talk about climate change, environmental activism, and Jewish teachings in this ~4 minute video.

**Thoughts and opinions found on this site are my own, and do not necessarily reflect any organization with which I am affiliated.**

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